Sunset Tree Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly can you get the job done?

Job completion times vary based on seasonal demand, and certain jobs can be prioritized based on urgency. Estimates are typically turned around in 1-2 days.

Q. How often do I need to have my trees trimmed?

There are many situations where a tree must be removed or trimmed because it is either diseased, damaged, or poses a threat to the people and property in the area. For example, it is a good idea to proactively trim tree branches before they get close enough to your home to cause damage.

Furthermore, there are also situations where tree trimming can spark growth and ensure that a tree grows as tall and as healthy as possible. Yearly trimming of sucklings that grow on the crown, which starve the tree of much-needed oxygen and nutrients, can help increase canopy size each year.

Q. Do you service clients in my area?

We perform tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal services for the greater Dayton, OH area. Our team of experts serves customers all over Montgomery, Greene, Warren, Clinton, and Miami counties! Call us today at (937) 371-9654 to see if we serve your specific town.

Q. What happens with the tree waste?

We are proud to service the greater Dayton, OH area by maintaining beautiful landscapes and also engaging environmentally conscious practices. All tree and wood products are recycled and go back into many of the products that you use every day!

Q. Do I need to be at home when you are performing services?

We highly recommend a face-to-face meeting when evaluating a job and coming up with an estimate. Meeting with you allows our team to have a full understanding of your needs, what services will best suit you, and allows all parties to set proper expectations. Once all of the details are ironed out, we can perform our services and clean up the mess whether you are home or not.